Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hello... I'm Floss

Barley introduced me earlier, but I'm now here to tell you about myself!
I come from Honeybunnies Rabbit Rescue, which is where my "two-foot" took Barley to meet me.
I love my food, I eat lots of hay with is both healthy and tasty, especially this Timothy Hay as it has lots of lovely smelling herbs added to it, I'm also a active bunny all of which helps me keep my weight down.

As there are now two of us sharing the shed and run our "two-foot" decided that we needed some extra space to run about it, she spent all one weekend building and hammering away. Hey presto... there was a extra space! I love the extra space, now I can get some speed up when I hop from one end to the other!

Here's what the shed and run now look like:

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