Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Long Journey

Little did I know on a cold Monday evening when I was bundled into the carried and then on a long car journey, where I was handed over to a complete stranger (well she was a stranger to me, but my two-foot seemed to know her!).

So was this a new home for me? I was happy where I was??

The stranger who I later learned was called Jill, was very friendly and talked to me all throughout the journey - I don't really like cars - too much wooshing about! Well I arrived back at this strangers house it seemed very pleasant and thought I might as well tuck into some lovley hay and veg she's provided!

Then the next day who should appear in my cage but a delighful little girl called Eve. I wasn't sure what to make of this new arrival, so I did what came naturally to me... this didn't apper to go down too well, so after a while I setled down and the little new bunny started to wash me.

This was all back on the 14th February, here's a few photos from that day....

Then on the 16th February my very own "two-foot" came to pick both of us up and take me and my new friend back home... phew!

Barley Sugar

1 comment:

Paul said...

Barley Suger, you are the cutest bunny I ever did see.
You look like a teddybear in your picture on the Rabbits United Forum signature :o)